Our Story

The Giving Brush began in the U.S. when our co-founder was surfing in California and was interrupted by a floating landfill of plastic garbage. Within that plastic ball he was surprised to see that there was an overwhelming amount of toothbrushes in the plastic patch. He expected to see aluminum cans, plastic bags, plastic utensils …. not toothbrushes.

After doing some research he quickly discovered how much of impact plastic toothbrushes have in the world and no one was talking about it. Major toothbrush corporations don’t want you to know how many plastic toothbrushes are sold each year and then dumped into landfills or oceans because the number is in the BILLIONS.

The reason the knowledge about this major environmental problem is so secret, is because the less toothbrushes you buy, the less into plastic toothbrush conglomerates have in their pockets. Toothbrush corporations can not afford to mass-produce a plastic alternative because it is too expensive and would cut into their profits goals.

Many have seen a viral video with a turtle suffering from some the negative impacts of plastic waste and we are happy to see that the word is spreading.

We’ve developed this brush in hopes to spread the word of how much a of a devastating effect plastics can have, not only with humans but all the wildlife that we share this planet with.

Our mission is to one day having at least 1/4 of the nation OFF of plastic toothbrushes and we are slowly but surely reaching our goal.

If you would like to support this movement please purchase your first brush and let us know what you think of our brushes by contacting our Facebook page or sending us an email!