You Will Want to Stop Using Plastic Toothbrushes After Reading This…

Here Is How Toothbrushes Are Polluting the Environment

Could you ever imagine that a small everyday item such as a toothbrush could contribute a in polluting the atmosphere? Yes, you read it right! Do not pinch yourself. In fact, plastic is one of the main adversaries of the habitat we live in, and your very own toothbrush is made of exactly the same material.

So how exactly your toothbrush is making the headlines? Well, no rocket science here. Below we have listed the ways plastic toothbrushes are affecting the planet.

They are Non-Biodegradable

The last toothbrush that you threw into the garbage can, will take more than 400 years to decompose. Let that sink in! Whether dumped in a landfill or a water body, they are going to stay there for hundreds of years. This factor increases the risk not only for this generation but also for all the upcoming generations manifolds.

Hazardous Nylon Fibber 

The thing that you rub against your teeth to clean them is also the same thing responsible for polluting the environment. Plastic toothbrushes mostly come with nylon fibre, whose production creates nitrous oxide as a by-product. Nitrous oxide, on the other hand, is a greenhouse gas and is hundreds of times more vigorous than carbon dioxide, thus polluting the environment.

Absolutely Devastating for the Marine Life

Most of the waste material ends up in oceans, rendering them very dangerous for aquatic life. According to a research, over 5 trillion pieces of toothbrushes are currently floating on the surface of oceans. This plastic toothbrush waste is extremely dangerous for marine life as it can be mistaken for food by the innocent aquatic inhabitants.

Toxic Chemicals Emission

Plastics are known for their intoxicating properties while burning. These chemicals are detrimental to the health of all living things and can cause disease. This also means that burning plastic toothbrush waste, as a fuel is not feasible. 

Oil Usage in Production

Last but not the least, the industrial manufacturing procedure for plastic toothbrushes involves excessive use of crude oil. Since oil is not a renewable resource, more oil consumption means more search for oil reservoirs, which ultimately lead to the digging of more wells.


It is pretty much evident from the evidence above that plastic toothbrushes are more than just teeth cleaners. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to replace plastic toothbrushes with the ones made of biodegradable material.

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