Why Vegans Love Bamboo Toothbrushes

The Vegan community is growing like never before! People are opting into a vegan diet due to the reasons like animal cruelty, environmental hazards, and a variety of health benefits.

Vegans abstain from eating foods that are either tested on animals or involve any of their products and by-products.

Anything that is made FROM a plant is a thumps up; Anything made IN a plant is a big no-no”.

Currently, many companies are adopting the vegan trend, but the production rate is yet to fulfill the demand. Vegans, however, have heaved a sigh of relief since their quest for eco-friendly toothbrush has finished. The Giving Brush is a bamboo toothbrush that is 100% vegan friendly.

So why do Vegans love the The Giving Brush?

A Pure Plant-Based Product

Vegans abide by pure plant products and do not use products that are derived from animals. The toothbrush handle is made from Chinese Moso bamboo, which grows without any use of pesticides!


The Giving Brush saves animal life... unlike plastic. Fish in the North Pacific ingest 12,000-24,000 tons of plastic each year, which can cause intestinal injury and death. This transfers plastic up the food chain to bigger fish and marine mammals creating a ripple effect in the marine lifecycle. 


Vegans are a true nature enthusiasts. The birth of bamboo toothbrushes and its recycling power amounts to zero-vegan waste. The handle is 100% Moso giant bamboo which pandas neither ingest or inhabit and grow as fast as grass in some areas, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Sense of Satisfaction

Apart from all the above qualities, the ease of using a bamboo toothbrush with a belief in mind gives them a sense of satisfaction and helps them to stick with their personal choice of being vegan.

It’s not easy to make life changing choices in this world. For all the vegans out there, there is still hope! The world is becoming more aware and eco-friendly each day!

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