Reducing Plastic as a Family

Reducing Plastic as a Family

As we are moving towards the 21st century and a highly technological environment, the use of plastic is increasing only increasing. Our oceans are facing extreme plastic pollution and the problem is getting worse each day.

There has never been more of a need to stop plastic use and bring a change to lifestyles across the globe. This change becomes more impactful when an entire family unit sets the standard of saying no to plastic.

Here are a few changes that an entire family can do to cut down the use of plastic.

  1. Ditch the Use of Plastic Water Bottles: One of the most common products that are in every house is the use of plastic bottles. What a brilliant idea would it be to invest once in a glass mason jars or reusable water bottles, while saving the environment from plastic waste!
  2. Look for Re-usable Grocery Bags: Grocery shopping and plastic bags have major impact in the death of marine life. Before going out to the store, invest in a reusable cloth bag to keep in your car or backpack to make sure you never forget.
  3. Say No To Plastic Straws: This one seems obvious and thankfully more laws are being put in place to crack down on these small, but deadly forms of plastic. Politely refuse or ask for an alternative straw and your server can gladly help you reduce plastic!

These simple suggestions, when adopted by a family as a mutual decision not only saves money, but also has a greater impact to prevent our planet from plastic waste.