Are Bamboo Toothbrushes Worth It?

Are Bamboo Toothbrushes worth it?
Have you recently purchased your first bamboo toothbrush? Excited?
I’m certain you must have studied the different impacts of plastic toothbrushes on our environment and its sustainability. And, this persuaded you to shift to bamboo brushes. Kudos to you for this natural step.

Now that you have put your feet forward towards a better and greener future, deep down you must be anxious if bamboo toothbrushes are worth buying?

What if they have any concealed imperfection? Will it improve my oral health or deteriorate it? Are they serving their purpose right? Or is it just another move to pull wool on public eyes?

Well… well… Don’t fret! These are general innquiries and allow me to clarify them.

A Genuine Well-Respected Act
The first and the foremost thing is, this well-thought-of step, which is laudable. You’re essentially decreasing the plastic toothbrush waste and adding to a cleaner planet. With this, you are motivating others as well.

Bamboo Makes Sense
The toothbrushes are produced using Chinese bamboo and the bristles are made from vegetable oils like vegetable oil or castor bean oil. The bamboo used is purely organic and biodegradable and so are the bristles. Makes sense to you? Yeah!

Less Energy and Fuel Consumption
Unlike plastic toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrush consumes less energy. The bamboo plants are fast in growing, can survive on less water and do not require pesticides. Thus, the energy and fuel required to produce them is minimal as compared to the plastic toothbrushes. This makes Bamboo a rising star.

Zero Waste
Since the handle which is made from bamboo is biodegradable and the bristles can be recycled, you can kick back and chill, without agonizing substantially over the contamination (at least the one that is caused due to you). Tada! A proud moment. C’mon, give a pat on your back. You are in the league of zero wasters.

Plastic-Free Wave
Even the packagings of the bamboo toothbrushes are recyclable. The plastic is actually the plant cellulose and the wrapping box is a cardboard box which is again recyclable. That calls for three cheers for all the bamboo toothbrushes out there. They are responsible in making plastic-free wave a success.

Lastly, the oral hygiene. The black bamboo toothbrushes (or some call it Charcoal brushes) are hostile to bacteria. Unlike plastic toothbrush, which harbor the bacteria due to the tightly knitted bristles, the bamboo toothbrushes are bacteria resistant. Additionally, the chemicals that go inside our mouth by the use of plastic brushes is eliminated in the bamboo toothbrushes.

Choice of bristles
Mostly, the bamboo brushes have medium bristles, but the bristles can vary from company to company. There are soft, medium, and hard bristles. The kids variations are also available.  
Whoa!!! I’ve summed up significant decent points for you to make you believe that the bamboo toothbrushes are worth each penny. These brushes are a win-win situation from each perspective. I’m convinced. Are you?

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